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AllPests were founded in the early ninties and are committed to consistently providing effective and professional pest control solutions across Devon and Cornwall.

One of our specialisms is treating woodworm infestations, something that can be devastating and expensive if left untreated. Woodworm can cause untold damage to your home, not just to wooden furniture and floorboards, but to the structural timbers such as roof beams.

Woodworm are most commonly the larvae of the Common Furniture Beetle, which eat holes through wood. There are other species of beetle who's larval stage eat through wood. The Deathwatch, House Longhorn, and Powderpost beetles all can cause significant damage to wood and one of the key aspects of any treatment will be the identification of the species.

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Allpests are experts at dealing with all kinds of pest and vermin, and have all of the training and tools to effective treat a woodworm infestation. From identifying the species of beetle and formulating the correct treatment strategy, to determining if an infestation is still active and what the extent of the damage is.

Treating woodworm can prevent further damage from occuring, but they can cause structural timbers to fail if not caught in time. Our expert technicians can help determine the amount of damage that has been caused and what steps would need to be taken to rectify it.

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